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Dear friends,

For as long as I can remember I have dedicated my life to serving our country. I was a soldier for 36 years and I am proud to continue my service as a member of the Senate of Canada.

Since my appointment in 2005 I have focused my efforts on defending human rights and—among other things—working to prevent genocide, strengthening our military, advocating for veterans and military families, raising awareness about mental health issues and post-traumatic stress disorder and putting an end to the use of child soldiers.

To those of you who feel a connection to my work, I want to thank you for opening your heart.

To the thousands who have written to me with words of support and encouragement, I am particularly grateful for your messages, which are a great source of inspiration.

And finally, to the millions of young Canadians across the land, I want to encourage you to engage with the world. Go and get your boots dirty in the field. Now is the time to take up the cause of the advancement of human rights for all and the moment is yours to grasp.

Peux ce que veux. Allons-y.

LGen Honourable Roméo A. Dallaire, (Ret'd), Senator